translated from Spanish: Ceaip and Congress agree, open citizen consultation for Archives Act

Culiacán.-The commissioners of Ceaip headed by its president, José Alfredo Beltrán Estrada, met this Friday with the Secretary General of the State Congress, José Antonio Ríos Rojo, in order to collaborate closely with the legislation he will develop an opinion for the creation of the Sinaloa State Archives Act.Beltran Estrada ruled for a rational and responsible regulatory framework, a basic input that enriches, nurtured and facilitates the exercise of the right of access to public information in Sinaloa.

He said that opening up the work to society, listening to it and participating in its elaboration, providing ideas that were based on citizen needs, was paramount. For his part José Antonio Ríos Rojo indicated that in the coming days a forum of citizen proposals will be held in order to enrich the aforementioned opinion, aimed at the elaboration of the Law of Archives, which will soon be subject to analysis, discussion and in its approval by the LXIII Legislature of Sinaloa.Both Rios Rojo and the commissioners of Ceaip, Beltran, Rosy Lizárraga Félix and Ana Martha Ibarra, agreed to convene the aforementioned forum to society in general, experts on the subject of archives, academics and municipal, state and also federal public servants working in these areas, so that they can contribute to the formation of this regulatory framework. Currently Sinaloa has a Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information that dates from May 2016, as well as a Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Public Entities passed in July 2017. The Archives Act will become the link to close the transparency chain, cement and strengthen the legal bases for the treatment and development of these issues in Sinaloa, all with the main beneficiary of the citizen, said Beltrán Estrada, President of Ceaip.

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