translated from Spanish: Minister Julio Isamit ends social demonstrations in the country: “The time of the marches has passed”

The mobilizations around the social outburst are 40 days old and one of the slogans still present on the street is that “this is not over”. However, for the Minister of National Goods, Julio Isamit, the time of the marches “has passed” and, in his view, now is the time for tranquility and solutions.
The 30-year-old former student leader – The youngest cabinet minister of Sebastián Piñera – argued, in an interview with El Mercurio, that there are now many things to mobilize about, such as having better pensions, more opportunities, helping families more poor people.” On that premise, Isamit assured that, after more than a month of demonstrations, the Government has heard their demands, “that is why the President said the Government had changed, he said.
However, the former “penguin” stated that “now is the time to regain peace of mind, security, public order and move forward on a social agenda.”
The minister said he empathizes with the demands that motivate the mobilizations, but emphasized that “the time of the marches has passed, today is the time for solutions”.
Isamit took advantage of the grandstand to deliver his total backed to Sebastián Piñera, stressing that “the country has progressed, it is much better than 40 years ago, but often the cost of that process was taken directly by the families, which they find it difficult to reach the end of the month”.
The Secretary of State’s sayings generated repudiation on social media, where his name became trending topic.

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