translated from Spanish: They would close kindergarten for lack of students in Escuinapa

Escuinapa.- The children’s garden Juan Escutia remains at risk of being closed by the educational authorities, this in the face of the desertion of students who have registered in the Paredones colony, since the parents have chosen to take their children to other facilities Educational. During civic Monday, where municipal and education authorities were present, the supervisor of the 026 school zone, Elena Patricia Barbosa Osuna, reported that at the end of the last school year, the SEPyC informed her that the children’s garden Juan Escutia, would be closed, for lack of students.

“At the end of the last school year, I was informed of Culiacan that the kindergarten would be closed for lack of studenthood, news that gave me great sadness and we gave ourselves the task of raising awareness among the parents of this urban area (Paredones) to register your children in this school, fortunately we managed to increase the students and managed to keep this campus active,” said school zone supervisor 026.Having twenty students keeps this campus open, but with limits such as the lack of a mayor, a teacher based and deficient in their infrastructure, which were raised to the municipal authority that was represented by the secretary of the City Council, Saúl Acosta Alemán.Alma Josefina Puente Mendoza, teacher of the kindergarten asked the municipal authorities for their support, mainly in labour, to be able to rehabilitate and install children’s games for the little ones, the repair of the pumping system of the toilets and the maintenance of minisplit of the two classrooms that make up this campus, as well as the endowment of paintings for the beautification is educational.


The teacher said that the facilities are generally in good condition, since last year the Federal Government supported them, with the Schools to 100 program, the only impact on their infrastructure is the collapse of one of its side fences, which was collapsed by Hurricane Willa.A mother of this campus, took the floor taking advantage of the knowledge that the educational, trade union and municipal authorities were at this civic event, to request the basification for teacher Alma Josefina, who remains in Escuinapa, from Los Mochis covering an interim for about a year. Date that students have managed to have an educational stability, since they constantly changed their teachers. Luz Esther Crespo Rodríguez and Barbosa Osuna, both supervisors agreed that the case of the teacher of this campus was about to be solved next January, as there is a promise to basify it and keep it in the Juan Escutia kindergarten.

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