translated from Spanish: Court rejected appeal filed against Carabineros for “firing projectiles” from the “inside of the subway” Baquedano

The Court of Appeals of Santiago rejected an appeal filed against Carabineros, the Ministry of the Interior and the company Metro S.A. for “firing projectiles” from the “inside the metro” Baquedano, “mainly to one of its oj you.” The action of those affected failed by unanimous failure of the Eighth Chamber, where ministers ruled out an “arbitrary action,” adding that the “protection is an exceptional resource, which finds its origin and source in the Political Constitution of the Republic and pursues, through it, the protection and protection of the Higher Courts of Justice, in cases where, by acts of individuals or any authority, the guarantees of individual freedom and security are unlawfully infringed. In the sublite case, the appellants are not imprisoned or detained, nor is there a threat of this happening,” the document said. It adds that “it is not the judiciary responsible for establishing protocols for the use of certain riot elements, those that are not prohibited by law, which is typical of the regulation made by the same police or by the executive authority”, “must be denounced by the appropriate means.”

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