translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro called Greta “monous” and she assumes it on Twitter

Brasilia.- Activist Greta Thunberg, who attends the Madrid Climate Summit (COP25), was labelled “mocosa” on Tuesday by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and assumed that qualifier on the social network Twitter.The leader of the far right Brazilian reacted against the young environmentalist after she claimed that the death of two Indians in the Amazon last weekend was due to the defense that the original peoples make of that region of the planet.

Indigenous people are killed for trying to protect the jungles from illegal deforestation. Again and again. It’s a shame that the world remains silent about it, Greta wrote on her social media.

Asked about these claims, Bolsonaro responded to journalists on Tuesday with some irritation and called the young woman “pyrralha”, a word that in Portuguese is equivalent to brat.” It’s impressive that the press gives room for that brat,” the representative said, and repeated, “That brat.”

pirralha, which in Spanish means “mocosa”. Photo: Caprtua

Just hours after Bolsonaro’s statement, Greta responded in a very subtle way and, in her Twitter profile, below her name, added the word “pirralha.” Thunberg’s reaction was similar to what he had a few months ago, when US President Donald Trump referred to her with nothing disguised irony as “a young, very happy girl who hopes for a bright and wonderful future.” That same day, Greta altered her presentation and biography on her Twitter media profile and went on to define herself as Trump had done: “A very happy young girl who hopes for a bright and wonderful future.” Thunberg, 16, who arrived in Madrid last Friday from Lisbon to participate in the conference, has highlighted the role of education, because “young people can do a lot, but first we have to be informed”.

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