translated from Spanish: Brazil expresses “consternation” over demise of Chilean aircraft

Brasilia.- The Brazilian government on Tuesday expressed its “consternation” and “solidarity” over the disappearance of a Chilean Air Force (FACh) aircraft when flying between Cape Horn and Antarctica with 38 people on board. In an official note, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs lamented the “tragic disappearance” of the plane, with which all communication was lost at 6.13pm (21.13 GMT) on Monday, when it was 700 kilometres from Punta Arenas and 500 kilometres from its destination in Antarctica.

“Brazil promptly offered Chile support in the aircraft searches, through the polar vessel Almirante Maximiano, of the Brazilian Navy, which is already in the region”, cooperating with the Chilean authorities, adds the communiqué. It also indicates that a Brazilian Air Force aircraft will be sent to the area, to join the relief operation, involving aircraft and ships from Chile and other countries.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro contacted his Chilean counterpart, Sebastián Piñera, by telephone, with the same aim of expressing solidarity and anticipating the sending of aid.
We offered a newly acquired search plane,” the representative told reporters.

The Brazilian ruler added that he knows “the difficulties” of the region where the Chilean plane disappeared, in which, he said, “when an accident occurs, in a few minutes, whoever falls into the water does not survive.” Bolsonaro, who is an army reserve captain, expressed his wish that “that did not happen” and was said “shocked” by the 38 occupants of the aircraft, “the majority of the military who disappeared en route to Antarctica.”

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