translated from Spanish: They deprive of the existence of a man with bullets, in Peribán

Peribán, Michoacán.- With two bullets in his humanity and lying next to a bridge on the bank of this city of Peribán, last Monday night a man was located, even who is in unknown. Authorities are already investigating to clarify the crime and find the whereabouts of the murderers.
It was learned that motorists who were walking along the road leading from this town to Buenavista Tomatlán, noticed that at the height of the bridge of the community of Las Tinajas lay the inert and half-naked body of a man, so immediately they presented themselves in elements of the Michoacan Police and Civil Protection.
Authorities conducted an inspection of the body, trying to give it help, noticing that the approximately 65-year-old man, who was wearing a beige shirt, white trousers and underpants under his knees and black boots, had two heavy-caliber bullet impacts, one in the right eye and one in the stomach.
In view of this situation, the officers requested the presence of the State Attorney General’s Office based in the city of Los Reyes, who arrived at the site in the company of experts and forensics of Uruapan, the same who carried out the relevant measures of the case, Ordering the lifting of the body, which was sent to the Semefo of the Pearl of Cupatitzio to perform the necropsy of rigor.
In the next few hours, relatives of the victim are expected to come to claim his body from the Uruapan Prosecutor’s Office, as the man is in an unknown capacity, as he did not have any identification.

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