translated from Spanish: They call for help for Omar, run over in Guadadalaja’s ‘starters’

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Friends and family of Regino Omar Flores Hernández, one of the young men who last night was run over by the driver of a Camaro in the peristory of the Akron stadium in Guadalajara, request financial help to carry out the studies urgently doctors who have requested him at the Old Civil Hospital in Guadalajara, as his health is still reported as serious.

In exclusive interview with EL DEBATE Mrs. María Isabel Hernández Muñoz, Omar’s mother, explained that her 23-year-old son is currently in serious health so it is very necessary to collect about 5 thousand pesos to be able to send medical studies to her Child. 

Medical examination order that the Old Civil Hospital has requested to perform Omar, young man who was hit on Friday by a Mustang on the outskirts of Guadalajara’s Akron Stadium. Photo: Courtesy

Maria Isabel revealed that her family is currently limited in financial resources as last night they had to solve three other medical studies that were performed on Omar in the North Green Cross of Zapopan, the first place where he was transferred after being Last night on the JVC circuit, near the Akron stadium in Guadalajara.

Three medical exams already paid Omar’s family in the North Green Cross of Zapopan, after the young man was hit last night by a Mustang on the outskirts of Guadalajara’s Akron Stadium. Photo: Courtesy

According to Omar’s mother, the young man presented a severe blow to his head, eye and on one of his lower limbs has two wounds.” He brings a blow to the head, to the side of his forehead he got the beating and on a piece of the eye. It’s very swollen right now. On his foot, at the bottom he rose as if it were a sole and in his pier also brings a piece of rabanada,” explained María Isabel Hernández Muñoz.

Omar, 23, was hit last night at the JVC Circuit attached to Guadalajara’s Akron Stadium. Photo: Omar’s Facebook

Omar, in addition to having a taste for rap compositions, is also dedicated to working as an assistant mason, a trade that is also performed by his father. Lynching on social mediaWhile the injured recover in hospital beds and others make sad wake-ups, on social media circulates dozens of posts against the alleged drivers of the red Camaro, with plates of JRT-1921 circulation, which was abandoned at the site after the misce.

Various images circulate on social networks with the identity of the supposed driver of the Camaro; for now the facebook account that supposedly belongs to the young woman has already been deactivated. (Capture)

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