translated from Spanish: Frankenstein Work by the American Company Manual Cinema in Matucana 100

Frankenstein work by the American company Manual Cinema
In Teatro Principal, Matucana 100, Av. Matucana 100. Fifth Normal Metro.
Days 17 and 18 January 19:00 hrs. January 19th 16:00 and 19:00 hrs.
Prices: from $3,000. Tickets on sale in
An impressive and magical staging, combining music, film, theater and puppet to bring to life the classic monster created by Mary Shelley in the 19th century.
Love, loss and creation come together unexpectedly in this thrilling classic gothic tale, written in 1818 by Mary Shelley and retaken 200 years later by the American company Manual Cinema. Internationally recognized for their particular multimedia language, this collective links the classic story of Frankenstein with its author’s biography to create an account of the beauty and horror of creation from a point of view Female. The stories of Shelley, Victor Frankenstein and his Monster show how the forces of family, community and education shape personality, or destroy it by their absence. Frankenstein is a show that appeals to both the emotional and the intellectual, mixing in its staging the technique of shadow puppets, acting, music – with an ensemble that includes clarinets, flutes, cello, marimba, percussions and voices – more cinema, all live. Thus, viewers immerse themselves in an immersive visual story, a multi-dimensional film in real time.
From Manual Cinema
Country: United States
Discipline: Theatre ? puppets Film.

Original source in Spanish

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