translated from Spanish: INDH for use of lacrimogenic gas in biobío: “We have not said not to use them, but do not fire them to the body”

The Institute for Human Rights (INDH) referred to Carabineros’ use of tear gas after the Biobío Health Seremi ratified the protocol to use the deterrent in its capital.
According to Radio Cooperative, Sergio Micco, president of the agency, emphasized that “we have not said ‘do not use them anymore’, but do not shoot them into the body, in the face of people, because that goes against protocol”.
“Chemical deterresives, tear bombs, should be fired into the sky, not against the body, and must have the chemical compounds that correspond to the Carabinieri protocol. That’s the least the Institute has asked for,” he added.
He also defended the INDH against accusations of having “disarmed Carabineros” or “that we defend criminals,” claiming that this is “completely false.”
It should be noted that the health assessment released last Monday contradicted the ruling of the Court of Appeals of Conception in favor of the appeal brought by the INDH, which caused the suspension of the use of tear gas in all its formats in last December.
Now, it is waiting for the Supreme Court to enable the uniformed police in the capital of Biobío to use them again.

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