translated from Spanish: Children’s Ombudsman appealed for whistleblowing in the surrender of the PSU

The Children’s Ombudsman brought this day an appeal for protection on behalf of 21 adolescents who came to the institution for irregularities that occurred during the process of surrendering the PSY. The aim of this action is to restore the right to equality before the law, to education, to property and to safeguard due process. As reported By Co-operative Radio, four young people were affected after the history test was cancelled, while 14 claim to have taken the test under “inadequate conditions” and three cases that were excluded from the process by a participation in the boycott against the PSU. The action was filed against the Board of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUch) and the Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registration (Demre). The document states that “by an arbitrary and illegal act, they have attacked the guarantees set out in No. 2, 10 and 24 of article 19 of the Political Constitution of the Republic”. The Children’s Ombudsman’s Court of Appeal seeks to declare the appeal admissible and to decree a new date for the surrender of the History Test “for all students who have registered for it” and to do the same for those who surrendered measurement in enclosures affected by manifestations and impediments that interfered with the required level of concentration. In addition, it intends to adopt “those students who were excluded from the university selection process, ensuring respect for equality before the law and due process”According to the president of the institution, Patricia Muñoz, assured that the resolution by the CRUch ” it not only affected these, but also all those teenagers who, nationally, have been affected.” “We request that the Court’s ruling consider all young people who saw the rights described above violated, not just the 21 who contacted us”

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