translated from Spanish: Delgado pays 16 thousand pesos for medical checkup at private clinic

The coordinator of Morena’s deputies Mario Delgado confirmed that he attended this week for a medical check-up at a private clinic, ABC Hospital in Santa Fe, for which he paid 16,000 pesos.
Delgado answered questions from the press on Wednesday, and one of them was about photographs on social media, where he was seen at the clinic. The lawmaker himself revealed the cost of the study.
“Why didn’t you go to your social security, to your ISSSTE clinic?” a reporter asked.
” I didn’t go to take care of something in particular, I went to check up.
– Check-ups are also available there.
– Yes, too? Oh, I didn’t know,” Delgado replied with a laugh.
As president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has fought for the luxury of public officials to end.
This case of Delgado is in the midst of questions about Insabi, a system that replaces The Popular Insurance. Opposition has pointed to system failures, insufficient resources and patients remain suffering due to lack of medication.

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