translated from Spanish: Heavy attack at Uruapan Supply Plant leaves three victims

Uruapan, Michoacán.- One killed and wounded was the balance of a shooting attack outside an avocado winery located in the Central Abastos of this city of Uruapan. The victims were in a vehicle when they were shot by unknown subjects who later fled, according to information provided by police sources to this medium.
The event was at the aforementioned location, where the elements of the Michoacán Police arrived, guarding the area where there were several percussive shell casings of a heavy-duty firearm. Meanwhile, local paramedics helped a boy who had a gunshot wound in one of his hands.
At the site of the attack was the lifeless body of one of the aggrieved, himself as an unknown. It transpired that the other injured one was helped by the people themselves and taken to a hospital and was hospitalized there. Their generals are ignored of the survivors, as they were not disclosed by the police authorities.
It was also known that the offended were in a grey Volkswagen Beatle brand car when it all happened. The staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice became aware of the facts and initiated the respective investigations. In the end the lifeless body was taken to the amphitheatre facilities for the practice of competent studies. The respective research folder was initiated.

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