translated from Spanish: Senate approves government tax reform and dispatches law

By unanimous vote, the Senate Chamber on Wednesday approved the report of the Joint Committee on Government Tax Reform, so it was dispatched and was ready to be law.
The initiative – approved by 30 votes in favour – underwent significant changes throughout the processing process, especially with regard to the green tax claims that can be made before the Environmental Courts and the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA).
The initiative had been dispatched hours earlier by the Chamber of Deputies. Now, after being approved by the upper house, it will have to pass through the Constitutional Court because some points of the project contemplated quorums of organic law. 
The government’s tax reform bill seeks to raise around $2.2 billion. It also seeks to maintain the semi-integrated system for large enterprises and deliver benefits to SMEs and older adults, such as reducing or exempting the payment of contributions. 
It is worth remembering that the project was stopped for a year due to the rejection of the opposition to the so-called tax reintegration. Finally, in August the idea of legislating was approved after an agreement with the Christian Democracy (DC).
However, at the beginning of November, the newly assumed Finance Minister Ignacio Briones reached an agreement with the opposition in the Senate to bring the draft to its process, which contemplated the elimination of reintegration. 

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