translated from Spanish: Government of Morelia and CECyTEM pact in support of higher middle education

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it has been reported that in the Government of Morelia claims to be committed to strengthening education, the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, sentenced, during the signing of an agreement with the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State Michoacán (CECyTEM), referring that this action will allow to provide better spaces of knowledge to students and teachers in the Capula community.

It will be a global investment of 3 million 300 thousand pesos and the sign of this document reflects the commitment of the Morelia City Council to conclude the physical infrastructure on the CECyTEM campus in that community with the construction of 4 classrooms, a perimeter fence, a multipurpose court, a septic tank and absorption well, as well as a portico. This joint work between the Government of Morelia and State refers to an economic contribution of one million 500 thousand pesos by the municipality and one million 800 thousand pesos of the state authority.
The mayor, Raúl Morón in the company of the general director of CECyTE Michoacán, José Hernández Arreola, the director of Superior Media Education, Maribel Ríos Granados, the trustee, Labinia Aranda Ortega, the Secretary of Urbanism and Public Works, Mario Rodríguez Loeza , stressed that the greatest burden a society can have is the lag in education, and so it was welcomed by the support for this institution which means the boost to higher middle education.
It endorsed its support for the needs of educational institutions and subsystems such as CECyTEM. At the same time he highlighted the work carried out in educational infrastructure and emphasized that just as public works are done with quality, this action should be concreted in the same way for students and teachers of the artisanal community.

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