translated from Spanish: Bebeshita is called square and shapeless for her surgeries

Daniela Alexis known as La Bebeshita from the program Falling in Love, she was humiliated by a loving one, it is Amalinali Filio, who a few days ago returned to the reality show to find love and also some enemies such as the critic.As some viewers realized the young woman who was absent for a while from the program to undergo aesthetic operations came with tremendous body, unseating the Bebeashit who is a fan of these procedures.

But it seems that the new change of love did not like Daniela very much, as she assured that she was criticized a lot when she had a chance, while Amalinali was supported from the beginning, so she did not stop the attacks of the critic and went with everything.
“It’s just that there’s a difference of being well operated and being poorly operated and leaving it square because they believe that in their photos you always take a side photo to show the pompis because if you take it from the front you don’t see waist that bear…” Amalinali told him behind the camera.
Meanwhile the netizens were surprised, as few people have faced the famous Bebeshita who is very popular in Enamorteus.
“Be operated or don’t look pretty, “Hahahahaha who enviously is Daniela, who has the legs,” “If it’s all square,” “Don’t stain the Bebeshita has more operations than a math book,” were some of the critics.

It is worth mentioning that Enamorus has been very popular for some years because in addition to seeking love he has been full of controversy.

Original source in Spanish

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