translated from Spanish: E-commerce is committed to gifting flowers for lover’s Day

February 14 is the day on which Valentine’s Day is universally celebrated, a day full of romanticism, displays of affection and significant details between couples and friendships.
Gifts such as arrangements and bouquets of flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, balloons and breakfasts are the highlights in this celebration, as they function as a means to convey feelings of love, affection and honesty.
Many small and medium-sized enterprises are dedicated to the field of gifts and flowers throughout the year, and know well the level of high demand that this day represents in their work.
An example of this is the Rosalinda Flower Shop, a company that entered the business of the online sale of floral arrangements and gifts with home delivery for approximately 14 years. With more than a decade in the Chilean market and an estimated 220,000 deliveries made, it is considered one of the most outstanding brands in the field of home deliveries of floral arrangements and surprises.
Thus, they ensure that during this day sales can increase up to 400%. His track record has allowed him to know in depth the business of flowers, its import characteristics, domestic production, certified quality products and the aggregate values that allow him to deliver a service that can be considered satisfactory on the market.

How to get a successful online purchase
There are many factors that can affect quality in an online shopping experience, and to a greater extent if you are purchasing a delicate and perishable product such as flowers. That is why there are months of preparation prior to certain dates such as Lover’s Day.
Much of the floral products found in the country are direct imports from Ecuador and Colombia, as many flowers, particularly and one of the most acclaimed: roses, need certain specific environmental conditions for their development, which do not occur in the country and in many parts of the world, so to obtain a product of guaranteed quality must be transported from abroad.
For its part, national flower production is also an essential part, because flowers are given in high demand such as gerberas or irises, which are part of different floral compositions, and that during this year their harvest has been affected by drought conditions. All this added to a greater global demand for floral products, and other aggregates.
Likewise, this and many others are the factors that lead these companies, such as the Rosalinda Flower Shop, to take all the necessary forecasts to be able to satisfy the market during such an important date to feed love and romance. Some of the features that we could highlight from this company:
The Rosalinda Flower shop experience as an e-commerce that delivers emotions
There are a variety of items that need to be taken into account when hiring a home flower service, the quality of the product should be taken as the fundamental pillar of the shopping experience, even more when done from a website , in which references are images only.
In Rosalinda, for example, you can know its entire catalog of options divided into categories that facilitate the way the customer can search for a specific product by its color, presentation, type of flower or special occasion, even include categories dedicated to important dates such as February 14.

Each of the products has 100% real photos taken by the company of compositions created by floral designers with years of experience in the company.
The website offers distribution options for the Metropolitan Region and the V Region, is designed to facilitate the process of purchasing any of its products and also has notifications through WhatsApp and email for each of the service steps, allowing your customers to know the status of their order in real time and make delivery tracking at the time you are in dispatch. Thus keep the buyer’s peace of mind, who can know the approximate time in which their order will arrive, since the company works with time ranges.
Upon delivery the buyer will receive a delivery photo on his mobile device, with the product he has sent and the person who received it, if the same agrees to be in the photo.
An important aspect is how work has been done over the years to strengthen its sharing capacity. That is why the service is carried out with own vehicles adapted for the needs of transport and thus keep the products in excellent condition, also has trained and exclusive dealers of the company.
During high demand dates, e-commerce takes the time to study the delivery capacity they can have in communes, without losing the effectiveness and capacity of the service, so it is advisable to schedule as much in advance as possible the delivery of order, as the priority is to deliver the desired product, at the requested time and at the indicated place.
The florist has an online support that allows to clarify any doubt or solve any problem in a simple way, which allows to serve customers who make purchases from anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of options available for the date. Interesting options are the floral arrangement «Enamoramiento» or the Canasto «My love», combinations of gerberas, astromelias and hypericum red, accompanied by a balloon in the shape of a heart and a little slate with messages of love, or one of its best known arrangements «You and I» a composition of 18 roses and hypericum ignited in a wide variety of colors.
The company considers each of the products it offers its customers as an unforgettable reinforcement for a message full of feelings, each of its deliveries incorporates a card that the buyer can customize with the text that they want, and thus surprise and join people who meet together or separated through positive emotions such as love, friendship, support and solidarity, which can be related to flowers and surprises, which the company considers part of the motivation for which they do their work.
And while gifts are not an obligation for this February 14th, if you want something special you can express love to loved ones through meaningful messages and details that can always be remembered.

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