translated from Spanish: Argentine with coronavirus will just return to the country when he’s cured

This morning it was confirmed that one of the 8 Argentines who were quarantined aboard the cruise ship «Diamond Princess» which is moored in the port of the city of Yokohama tested positive for coronavirus. For this reason the traveler – who was in the company of his wife – was transferred to a hospital «for study and treatment», reported from the Argentine Chancellery, who also contacted the daughter residing in our country. 
Argentine health minister Ginés González García ruled out the possibility of the man bringing the virus to the country: «Once he is discharged, he has no chance of contagion.» He also ruled out the possibility of contagion with products coming from China, because «the virus outside the human body lives no more than 10 or 11 hours.» The truth is that there are at least 61 people who were transferred to care centers because they had Wuhan pneumonia.
Ximena Paredes, a Chilean woman aboard the Diamond Pricess cruiser, said in dialogue with the TN channel that the man was «healthy.» He said that «the infected Argentinian resides in Buenos Aires and is an older person who was healthy» and who was traveling on the cruise with his partner.» They took him down and took him to the hospital but he wasn’t serious, the point was that his test came back positive; so they had to take him to do the checkups,» he added. Paredes indicated that the test is performed on all passengers on board the cruise who were in contact with a Hong Kong man who boarded the already infected Diamond Pricess in Tokyo. 
«The Argentine passenger was unlucky to have taken a tour where he was given to go on the bus with him,» she said, who said that, due to the quarantine imposed, they cannot leave their cabins, they must take the temperature several times a day and they received masks and gu beforepreventive. Paredes recounted that he had befriended the Argentine couple and another Mexican because there are very few Spanish-speaking passengers among the 2666 travelers who are on the cruise. En tanto, indicó que la esposa del argentino contagiado «no entendía por qué se lo llevaban porque estaba bien de salud, sin tos ni fiebre pero el test le dio positivo». «She’s on the cruise, in her cabin because the test gave her negative; we together with a Mexican couple are supporting him; she’s not alone,» she added. The Chilean woman who travels with her husband emphasized that there is no downside to communications and that the Argentine family was able to dialogue with their children. In the same vein, he emphasized that the food service is working perfectly. «I’m impressed by how well they’re doing with food; are 1,500 cabins to bring breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat,» he said. Finally, Ximena anticipated that, in the event of a failure to detect a new case, the quarantine ends on 19 February, as informed by the cruise authorities. Meanwhile, José Luis Muñoz, another passenger on board, told Chronicle TV this morning that they «released the Internet on the boat so that we can all communicate with our relatives.»

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