translated from Spanish: Racing beat Independiente 1-0 and stayed with the Avellaneda classic

Racing became strong in adversity, withstood all the second half with two less men and reached tonight a dramatic victory in the final over Independiente, in a new edition of the avellaneda classic, played in the “Cylinder” and corresponding to the the chilean Marcelo Díaz, 40 minutes into the second half, scored the goal of the “Academia” triumph, following a play built between Dario Cvitanich and Leonmiranda.
The cast led by Sebastián Beccacece, who had been clearly superior in the first half, suffered the expulsions of the archer Gabriel Arias, on the closing of the first part, and the zaguero Leonardo Sigali, in just 10 seconds of the complement. The “Red” did not know how to take advantage of this numerical advantage and, although it made a figure to Javier García, he lacked clear ideas to break the local cast, which he could hold firm. On the end, the referee Patricio Loustau expelled Cecilio Dominguez in the 43rd minute for wrestling with “Javi” García, and in time off Lucas Romero, for fighting Cvitanich, whom he should have shown the red card, but only admonished. In this note:

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