translated from Spanish: Gasoline price in Mexico today February 19

Mexico.- Today Wednesday, February 19, 2020, thus dawned the price of Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline that are shipped at the various gas stations of the country. Here are some of the general prices by state of the Republic.Average price of gasoline in Sinaloa:
Magna 19.86Premium 21.46Diesel 21.58Average gasoline price in Mexico City (CDMX):
Magna 20.39Premium 21.32Diesel 21.17Average price of gasoline in Jalisco:
Magna 20.35Premium 21.49Diesel 21.24Average gasoline price in Nuevo León:
Magna 19.86Premium 21.32Diesel 21.32Average gasoline price in Baja California Sur:
Magna 20.55Premium 21.67Diesel 21.78Average gas price in Chihuahua:
 Magna 17.52Premium 18.76Diesel 20.26Average petrol price in Tamaulipas:
Magna 16.58Premium 18.06Diesel 20.37Average petrol price in Michoacán:
Magna 19.94Premium 20.67Diesel 21.27Average petrol price in Guanajuato:
Magna 20.14Premium 21.31Diesel 21.31Average price of gasoline in State of Mexico (Edomex):
Magna 19.83Premium 20.85Diesel 20.88Average price of gasoline in Puebla:
Magna 19.25Premium 20.11Diesel 20.75Average petrol price in Veracruz:
Magna 19.07Premium 19.96Diesel 20.6Average petrol price in Guerrero:
Magna 19.94Premium 20.57Diesel 21.19Average price of gasoline in Oaxaca:
Magna 20.02Premium 21Diesel 21.55Average petrol price in Tabasco:
Magna 18.55Premium 19.43Diesel 20.08Average petrol price in Quintana Roo:
Magna 19.75Premium 20.15Diesel 21.07You can check the prices of the other states of the country by clicking HERE.

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