translated from Spanish: Laura Prieto reacted to user comment after posting photo in bikini

During this day, Laura Prieto shared a postcard in a bikini that received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. However, it was a particular message from one of the users that annoyed the Uruguayan. “And it was not my fault.. Neither as he walked nor as he dressed,” they wrote to him, alluding to the lyrics of LasTesis’s intervention “A Rapist in Your Path.” The model immediately reworked, “Really?” letting her annoyance with the message. After this, the same follower added: “Laurita I follow her and I love you as you are… But don’t bother with my comment… I just did it so you don’t forget that you’re a woman and you’re fighting to be respected. That’s just that,” the same user said.” But the explanation did not leave according to the actress, who closed with a short: “What?” Witnessing the exchange, the other users began a debate, which was laden with criticism of what the follower put forward.” How ridiculous your comment and your spelling”, “hahahahaa ‘have to fight’ To have respect hahajas 12th century” and “that you pretend… that in a pool is seen formally… Apart Laurita dresses for her to feel comfortable and no one has the right to say things scored or ordinary”, were some of the comments.

Original source in Spanish

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