translated from Spanish: The 8 policemen investigated for the crime escape to the young engineer

Tamaulipas, Mexico. – Daniel Ortíz Martínez, a young man of only 23 years old, graduated in May 2019 as an engineer, went out to buy beer in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas last February 7, to live with his loved ones. As he got off his car, state troopers intercepted him and subsequently began shooting him to the end of his existence with more than 100 shots.
Last Monday, it was disclosed that the eight state troopers were issued with an apprehension order for which they fled, while local authorities released their photographs for dissemination and prompt capture.
From @TelevisaÓscar Alberto Ocampo, Luis Roberto Jaramillo, Luis Enrique Contreras, Humberto Camargo, Francisco Fernández, Eusebio Hernández, Adán Martínez and Alejandro Zequera, are the names of these state troopers, accused of having shot more than a hundred times against Daniel, this engineer who only went for beer for a family coexistence.
On February 7, Daniel Ortíz Martínez, 23 years old and an engineer by profession, left home in his van to buy beer for a family cohabitation, which would take place in the municipality of Rio Bravo, in Tamaulipas. Suddenly, his family began to hear detonations that alerted them and caused Maria Guadalupe, Daniel’s mother, to call him on his cell phone to find out where and how he was.
“We heard bullet detonations, I spoke to him twice, in the second he answered me and said not to shoot him; I got there with them and I said ‘he’s innocent, my son is innocent’ and they kept shooting, that they wouldn’t come near me because they were going to throw me too,” Juan Diego Ortíz, Daniel’s father, told Noticieros Televisa.
“He was my son, they killed me. I was yelling at them not to kill him, not to shoot, to be killed and to be the state,” the victim’s mother shouted. It was barely two miles that Daniel had traveled when police elements fired a hundred times, ending his life.
At that time and through a statement, the Tamaulipas government assured that an apprehension order was obtained against eight police officers from the State Secretary of Public Security for their likely involvement in the crime of qualified homicide, after the investigations established their likely accountability in the facts.

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