translated from Spanish: In January, the cost of construction rose 5.2%

The construction cost index (ICC) in Greater Buenos Aires for the month of January is up 5.2% compared to the December figures. The publication of the Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) states that the percentage arises as a result of an increase of 1.8% in the “materials” heading, a 7.9% increase in the “labor” chapter and 5% for “general expenses”.
The report notes that the very high increase in the “labor” segment is apparent from the wage increases agreed with the Workers’ Construction Union of Argentina (UOCRA), representative of the workers in the field. In addition, the “solidarity bond” from which the construction workers were beneficiaries are incorporated. 

Thus, the cost of wages increased by 9% and that of subcontracts by 2.2%. In year-on-year terms, wage labor in construction grew 61.8%, and while the costs of subcontracts of labour increased by 51.9%

Among the building materials, the largest increases in January were reflected in the wooden kitchen furniture, 4.4%; copper, lead and tin products, 3.9%; paints and equipment for fire, 3.3%; sand, stone and soscan, 2.8%; just like carpet floors; while cement, lime and plaster, did so in 2.6% and sanitary items, 2.3%. In this note:

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