translated from Spanish: Beatriz Gutierrez supports #UnDíaSinMujeres and then repents

Beatriz Gutiérrez Muller, academic and wife of the president of Mexico, joined the support for national paroline #UnDíaSinMujeres on March 9 – convened by feminist collectives – through a post on her Instagram account.
«#undiasinmujeres what would they do without us?» he wrote. 
In the comments of the publication the users questioned if he was aware that this protest was against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A few hours later, he issued another contradictory call for the first: #Undíamásconnosotras is better.
The new image calls on men and women to wear a white handkerchief in support of the president, and includes the image of the call for national unemployment crossed out with red.
Gutierrez Muller received negative comments about the change and did not support the convening of women. 

Other women from The government of López Obrador and his party, Morena, announced that they support the March 9 stoppage.
The secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero joined the unemployment «in a personal capacity» through her Twitter account.

Solidarity as a woman and in a personal capacity I join the #ParoNacional of March 9, #UnDíaSinMujeres.
— Olga Sánchez Cordero (@M_OlgaSCordero) February 21, 2020

Also the federal deputy and former campaign coordinator of López Obrador, Tatiana Clouthier also joined.

We just got out of the session. [email protected] to the Paro on March 9th, it will be a pleasure to show what we are and we bring women to the life of our country. @DiputadosMorena @mario_delgado @mario_delgado @MeraryVillegas @IgnacioBCamposE @Mx_Diputados @IgnacioBCamposE @wzuloag
— Tatiana Clouthier (@tatclouthier) February 20, 2020

Morena’s senator, Citlalli Hernandez, also backed the shutdown. 
«The responsibility of #MujeresDeLa4T and the need to meet all in our similarities.
Let’s walk together to build a country where being a woman isn’t dangerous, where violence never touches our existence again,» she said on her Twitter account.

The responsibility we have #MujeresDeLa4T and the need to meet all in our similarities.
Let us walk together to build a country where being a woman is not dangerous, where violence never touches our existence again.
I open yarn ???
— Citlalli Hernández M (@CitlaHM) February 18, 2020

The National Action Party announced that it adds to unemployment and that the women who make up it will be able to participate. 
The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Rojas, reported that the Board of Directors decided to provide facilities to the workers of the compound who decide to join #UnDíaSinMujeres.
In the Senate, PAN legislators also supported the national unemployment of women, as well as some local governments.
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