translated from Spanish: Chilean couple landed quarantined cruiser in Japan

The Chilean couple, who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruiser in Japan, were able to disembark from the ship that was quarantined for more than two weeks on instructions from local authorities amid the emergency over the Covid-19 outbreak (cor onavirus). Ximena Paredes and José Luis Muñoz got off the boat on foot, leaving Yokohama Port in a taxi as soon as possible, T13 reported. Now, just wait when Chileans will return to the country, which is already coordinating with national authorities. To this day none have tested positive for the relevant tests, but they will need to keep in touch with the medical team in case of anything. The couple’s landing occurs on the same day that the death of two passengers on the cruiser was unveiled by the virus. An 87-year-old man and an 84-year-old woman of Japanese nationality are the first fatalities among those aboard the Diamond Princess.On the day the isolation was decreed there were about 3,700 passengers on board the ship, but there are still people who are still inside the esp was to know the results of his medical tests, so the total number of contagions can continue to grow.

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