translated from Spanish: They find the body of a man in his home in Uruapan, Michoacán

home Security They find the body of a man in his home in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacán.- A man was found dead inside his home in the Emiliano Zapata colony, on the banks of the Cupatitzio River, a fact that apparently was a heart attack, however the authorities of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office investigate to officially determine the reason for the death.
According to data obtained by this means, they were relatives of the deceased, who located him inherte on the side of the bathroom, which is why they called the emergency department.
Subsequently, the medical emergency technicians of Civil Protection arrived at the address located on Marcelino Camacho street, where they saw that the deceased had signs of having suffered a heart complication and that he had already died, for which reason notified the person of the Regional Prosecutor of Justice.
Subsequently, expert personnel came to review the scene and subsequently carried out the body lift for transfer to the morgue to perform the autopsy that sets the law to determine the official causes of the death.
The generals of the deceased are unknown since these were not disclosed by the authorities, however it was detailed that it is a five-year period.

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