translated from Spanish: Why do people say the Academy final was a fraud?

On sunday night, the grand final of The Academy was held, where Dalú was a winner originally from the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa. However, the big favorite to win this TV Azteca reality show was Angie who had previously been christened by the jury as «La Reina de Honduras». Hardly anyone was expected to be named as the winner, not even her. Both on the Academy forum when the final result was released, some people did not hesitate to shout «fraud!»; the same is also felt on social media. In the last concerts of the Dalú Academy did not receive the best reviews from the jury, otherwise with Angie, who with his last shows conquered both the judges and his teachers and the public.

I inform you, I will tell you first the second place, the second place took 24.05 percent of the votes and the first place, 24.29 percent, extremely closed the vote, best impossible end… the first place in The Academy is you Dalú!» commented Adal Ramones.» Thank you to all those who made this triumph possible, thanks to those who with their affection and support took me to the first place of The Academy. To my academic colleagues, we are all winners, we all have a unique essence, we all have our audience and this is just beginning, it was a pleasure to share with all of you this experience… congratulations brothers!» commented Dalú on his social networks after his triumph.
«Angie must have won by a lot, I don’t watch TV Azteca again», «Dalú winner, if she was never in the first place, big fraud», «I’ve never seen so much fraud gathered», are some of the comments. On social media it is said that Angie is the same case as Yuridia, when at the time she also did not win the first place of The Academy despite being the great favorite of the public.

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