translated from Spanish: Good and bad food brands you could feed your dog with

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World.- Many of us love our pets, and care about their health, such as vaccinations, deparasitization, but many of us forget that something we can take care of every day is the food we give them.
Currently there are a lot of options on the market that promise to improve the health and nutrition of our dog, but not all meet the sufficient quality standards in their ingredients nor have the necessary nutritional requirements.
To find out which food is the most complete, we consult the data of a study carried out by the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) on 41 food products for adult dogs.
Poorest quality food (Type AE)
They cover the nutritional requirements indispensable for a dog and have vitamins and minerals. Its formula favors digestibility and usually varies from one batch or another, because it depends on the availability of ingredients in the market, among the brand that stands out the most is Pedigree.
Maintenance (Type AB)
These croquettes meet the nutritional requirements indispensable for a dog and focus on dog satisfaction. They contain vitamins and minerals, as well as some functional ingredients.  However, they tend to produce less digestibility, resulting in unsteady and abundant faeces compared to Type AE foods.
They are the cheapest on the market and their formula also usually varies from batch to batch because of the availability in the market of their ingredients.
Good Quality Croquettes (AP)
In addition to meeting nutrition requirements, in their formula they include minerals, vitamins and ingredients that provide a better taste, greater digestibility, glossy hair and healthy skin. They have a protein content of animal origin and improve the consistency of the stool.
Excellent quality (AS)
They are specialized foods with formulas based on scientific studies that cover the nutritional requirements of different breeds. They contain functional ingredients (some are even approved for human consumption), vitamins and minerals.
Although the price per kilo exceeds $100 pesos, they have a better performance per portion, and give the dog a better digestive performance, giving its feces less odor and volume.
Prohibited foods
Among the foods that we should never include in the diet of our dogs, as they can cause adverse and/or dangerous reactions to their health, are:
Grapes and raisins

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