translated from Spanish: Minsal: No virus manifestations will be restricted due to coronavirus hazards

The Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, today Friday that given the context of protests that the country is experiencing, the possibility of banning concentrations of people as a prevention against the coronavirus would be “absurd”.” That we say in March that concentrations are prohibited is one thing that is absurd. By the social outburst we have to be super obsessive, exaggerated perhaps, in identifying cases, because resorting to extreme measures that limit the freedom of movement or expression of people is an issue that we have to leave as a last resort and explain very well,” the minister said. Mañalich added that the likelihood that an indication of not going to marches to protect himself from coronavirus infection “is absolutely zero” is wrongly misinterpreted. The authority reported that with the Chancellery next Wednesday it will participate in a “teleconference with all the ministers of health of Latin America” to address the issue.” The exact point-in-hand situation today is that we have an identified case of Italian origin, imported, in Brazil, certified as positive, we have no secondary cases associated with this person and there is a case in Mexico,” said the Health owner.

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