translated from Spanish: Alberto Martín declared his love for Carmen Barbieri: “We are more than friends”

After a 47-year marriage, Alberto Martín finds himself without Martha’s company. Since his wife’s death, he’s never been with a woman again. However, in the last few hours he expressed in front of the cameras how he feels for one of them: by Carmen Barbieri.

The actors have been friends for years, and they currently share the cast in the play “Veinte Million” in Mar del Plata. Loneliness runs through both of them. While he devoted his years to the care of his wife, she was unconditional for Santiago Bal, father of his son Federico, and recently deceased.” Since my wife passed away, it hasn’t crossed my mind to have anything with another woman. It’s hard for me. It would cost me the first kiss, the first caress. I’m not ready,” argued the artist in dialogue with Intruders and soon talked about Barbieri.” We’re a little more than friends, we protect ourselves because I also feel protected by it. I don’t know how this goes on. So far it’s like that. If I don’t talk to her one day, I miss her,” she went on. 

“Loneliness is what makes Carmen worse. Everything that happens to him, the dysphonia, the knee, the hand, that’s it. It’s very hard to be alone. It’s also very difficult for things that have already happened to me to happen to me again. I’m a few years old and they add up not to hurt, not hurt the look of my family. Maybe it’s not understood but it’s how I feel,” he said. Martin argued that his daughter Maria Martha tells Carmen mom and that his sister wants the capocómica to make him cheese custard. “What I feel is the truth, it is so and it doesn’t have much laps. It started as a game of joining us and today is this. I didn’t kiss Carmen, but she lets me touch her knee,” she said. Attentive to the television note, Barbieri contacted the show and went directly to Martín. “I love you very much. I thank the life that you crossed us along the way. We’ve been friends for years. We shared dinners on your beautiful boat, I loved your wife and I love your children and grandchildren. We have a lot of work plans together, not just the theater tour but something on television, in America. I’m excited about your words because our friendship is pure and sincere. I’m excited about your declaration of love. Come with me to New York,” he invited him. On the artist, the capocómica defined him as: “a rogue, an old fox, has more virtues than flaws. He’s a straight man, loyal, and he’s a bastard, too. He enters with a serious face that then turns into laughter.”

As the conversation progressed, both were flowing. “Let us release the beings we love, who are at peace. We’re big and we’re alive. Alberto deserves a woman next door to take care of him and love him. He can’t end up alone. I know you’ve stopped living to take care of Martha, and I want you to get that time back. He’s just starting another life. You deserve a second chance, a great life next to a woman to accompany you. You’re great for living with someone next door, even if it’s not me. I love you so much, Alberto. It’s nice to have you as a partner, as a friend. I hope we work much harder together. What we have is much more than a kiss. I don’t think anyone ever said such nice things to me. Alberto is dangerous, because he’s one of those guys who tempts you,” he said. I don’t know when a duel ends, but in Carmen I found an embraceable woman, who makes me want to hug and for me that’s already a lot, at this point in my life. A woman I admire. And for admiration, a lot of things begin. She needs to have her shoulder squeezed, pampered, run a chair, have her wallet. My family senses how I feel about Carmen,” Martín concluded.
Alberto Martin
Carmen Barbieri

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