translated from Spanish: YPF increased its naphthas and the rest of the oil companies are expected to join

YPF raised the prices of its naphthas by moving the Carbon Dioxide tax that had been stipulated by an AFIP resolution. In this way the price of the liter of super went up 13 cents, that is to say it was at $55.47, and the liter of premium naphtha, Infinia, was increased 15 cents, to $61.69.The changes in the values was due exclusively to the transfer to the prices of the tax. The truth is that other oil companies are expected to follow the same path, as it is common for other companies to follow the same path when YPF increases their prices. “The tax was increased by 0.2% and its impact on the price was passed on to the consumer, there was no room for an increase for fuels that are still frozen,” they explained from the company. An update to the liquid fuel tax (ICL) and Carbon tax was planned for March. But the executive decided to postpone the implementation of the first – ICL – for at least a month. In January, YPF had shuffled the idea of raising fuels by 5%, but President Alberto Fernandez denied that this was going to happen even though it had been announced. The oil company that drives Guillermo Nielsen has a 57% stake in the liquid fuel market, which conditions the price policy of the rest of the brands such as Shell, Axion or Puma, re-accommodate their values. 

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