translated from Spanish: Karol Lucero responded to those who call it «degenerate»: «It is an offense and I have never seen myself in a complaint»

Karol Lucero addressed in «True Lies» the criticisms and massive fungi he received during the social outburst. The announcer reappeared on television to talk about the phrase where he is accused of being «degenerate,» an appellation that has spread on different banners of demonstrations, and even in scratches of walls across the country. In this regard, he assured that his departure from Mega’s morning in this context. «While it was anticipated, it was given a question of protection. They felt that my colleagues and I were taking a risk,» he said, clarifying at the same time that «I have never received verbal or physical aggression in the street. When they yell at me the phrase is always with laughter,» he remarked. However, he acknowledged that this has had an impact on his family life. «Some people didn’t understand it, my grandmother especially. He told me not to go out on the street, he was scared and he cared about me.» «It was my mother’s turn to comfort me for the things they said about me,» he added. But despite this, he joked about everything he’s been through. «When they tell me, they’re not even asking me, please, haha. The degenerate is an offense, and I have never seen myself in a complaint.» «I would never wish for death (…) I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned and I assumed it. But the issue of funas I don’t understand, because it was born in the middle of a social movement,» he replied.

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