translated from Spanish: Hacienda by Coronavirus: «Let’s review the growth projections»

The Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, referred to how the coronavirus outbreak could affect the Chilean economy. All this, after three cases were already confirmed at the national level, which are in addition to the figures in other countries of the world. In this regard, he stated that «coronavirus is a sign of concern. From the Ministry of Finance we have a whole system of export monitoring, and with the arrival of the first cases here, we must be vigilant,» he said, adding that it is necessary to know «what this means for global growth projections and China, which of course makes us exposed.» In this way, he confirmed that «we will review the growth projections with the best available information,» he said. The secretary of state also explained that this review would be «both up and down, but the truth we are monitoring with great zeal and rigor what happens with the coronavirus,» he advanced. As for the possible implementation of a contingency plan to deal with a massive outbreak, Briones argued that «at the moment we do not have it contemplated, we are only monitoring it, but very aware of what this means».

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