translated from Spanish: 8M: President announces projects against gender-based violence and food pension payment

During a ceremony she led this morning in La Moneda, the Mandatario announced two bills that will seek to combat violence against women and hold parents accountable for paying the food pension. The first relates to the application of monitoring technology to protect women from their aggressors, and also to all citizens. As he noted, security “will no longer depend on a precautionary measure only written on paper, but will depend on telematic monitoring that will prevent or hinder the potential aggressor from approaching his potential victim.” As regards the food pension, President Piñera will sign the project which he/she incorporates debtors into the commercial information bulletin. “Parents’ obligations to their children must be enforced, and more effectively, and thousands of women must be prevented from having to face the maintenance of their children alone with the absence, irresponsibility, or indifference of the father,” he said. In addition, the Mandatario posted on his twitter account that “today we reaffirm our firm commitment to move forward, with will and sense of urgency towards a Chile in which men and women have the same rights and duties, the same opportunities and dignity”.

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