translated from Spanish: 8M: Women from around the world march against sexist violence

Although it has been coming for a long time, this year the idea that today, on International Women’s Day, we are not told ‘Happy Day’ because, of course, happy will be the day when they stop killing us, of violent us, of treating us as less because we are women. This spirit is lived around the world and in each country they prepare a massive mobilization to say enough to sexist violence and patriarchal society. Chile

Home of Las Tesis, a feminist group that reversed the protest song ‘Un violator on your way’, Chile expects one of the most contitering marches: although the mobilization began at noon, from 10 the streets were full of women. The epicenter of the demonstrations is Santiago de Chile.Mexico

One of the slogans most strongly demanded by the Mexican feminist community is to tell femicides enough: in 2019, nearly 4,000 women were killed. Today they will concentrate on the Monument to the Revolution en route to the Zocalo, where yesterday Saturday Mon Laferte and Ana Tijoux headlined a musical day to raise their voice against gender-based violence. Uruguay

Crossing the pond, 300,000 women are expected to march in a call for 17 hours by various feminist collectives in Plaza Libertad, in Montevideo.From there they will march to Daniel Fernández Crespo at his junction with avenue July 18, where a proclamation will be read. Also, under the slogan “More feminism, better democracy”, the Feminist Intersocial called for the march and arrest of women in demand for greater equity in women’s rights and participation in the world of work and politics, while demanding justice before femicides. Venezuela

From an early age, a march is held in Caracas that departed from Plaza Morelo to the National Pantheon in honor of the achievements achieved in Revolution for Venezuelan women. Other cities that joined the marches for #8M are Paris (France), Baghdad (Iraq), Manila (Philippines) and Minsk (Russia), which were filled with women under the same claim for gender equality.

Demonstrations in Paris.

There were also mobilizations in Thailand and Indonesia, and several hundred people gathered in Lahore, northeastern Pakistan. In Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia, police arrested dozens of women demonstrating against gender-based violence after being attacked by masked men. However, they were released within a few hours, local media reported.

Mobilization in Kyrgyzstan.

In the case of avoiding congregations because of the virus crown, India overturned an exclusively women’s marathon, which was to be held today, while South Korea also cancelled numerous events. In this note:

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