translated from Spanish: The Unhidden Corruption – The Opinion of Hector Marín Rebollo

The party with hype and carnival-based saucer that animates corrupt neoliberals is great in the face of the slight drop in popularity of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an event we affirm, it does not frighten anyone. Let’s explain why. Believe the corrupt neoliberals who do not give way without huarache, that the failure of the government is near and that they will be able to deliver the coup they are aiming for and that is their goal, since they know that using the citizen vote, for them, is to go straight to the dump of history .  If they don’t know history, and it’s clear that neither Calderón nor Peña knows its most connotated leaders, nor speak. Example: General Cardenas in assuming power was encircled by the anti-government maneuvers of counter-revolutionary politicians and especially of the quasi-fascist Plutarch Elias Calles. Cardenas took TWO YEARS TO START THE RESULTS I HAVE COMMITTED IN CAMPAIGN. Cardenas was the conservative reaction at the time he was insulted, threatened, led to demonstrations, street crowds, murders of supporters and even an armed rebellion executed by General Saturnino Cedillo, but financed by conservatives more Reactionary. Cardenas was a President who came clean to Chapultepec Castle (as clean AMLO has arrived), and who determined that this property was a Museum, because the President would go to live on the ranch of La Hormiga, bought and later transformed in Los Pinos. Not bad. Corrupt conservatives want to HIGHLIGHT the slight down polls and HIDE their corruption by deceiving unwary. Spreading slander, lies; attacking everything that the government of López Obrador does or stops doing.  As sticky to its emblems (PRI and PAN and even the PRD), are the names of CONVETED CORRUPTS. There we see the names of twelve or fourteen priist governors who acted in the time of Peña Nieto some in prison and others fugitives. It’s easy to say, but there’s the monstrous master scam that got our colleges dirty. There are the panist governors overlapped by Fox and Calderón some prisoners and others fugitives and no one is unaware of the abuses of these two representatives and their monumental rubbish such as the fraudulent concessions to “the children of Marta” or the Wake of Light and the complicity with Genaro García Luna who could never act alone, but with the consent of “you know who”. Just like that, it’s impossible to stop pointing out Eruviel Avila and Lozoya Austin pointing towards Peña Nieto.
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