translated from Spanish: The heartbreaking audios of Fatima Acevedo who anticipated her femicide

Fatima Acevedo, 25 years old. She was found lifeless a week after her disappearance after an intense search in Paraná, Entre Ríos. His body was buried 18 meters deep, in a cistern. For the fact, his partner, Jorge Nicolás Martínez (35), whom the victim had repeatedly denounced for gender-based violence, was arrested. In the last few hours, whatsapp audios were known that the young woman had sent to a friend, in which she recounted the hell she lived. “I am already rotten to report it to the police and that no one should do anything, neither the police nor the court nor anyone else,” he said in one of the messages of 15 November 2019, of the allegations he had made without the justice or the police acting. He continues: “I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t wait for that son of a bitch to fall in jail and pay for everything he’s doing, but well, since he’s got people in the police, as the judge is friends with him and his whole family, nothing’s ever going to happen.”

“When she ends up dead because of him, it may be that the police and the court do something, in the meantime we’re going to have to keep paying the consequences with the fat guy,” she added in another audio regarding her young son. “Nicolas took out unpaid leave, therefore from December 10th we are on the street with the fat one, without food or anything. Besides, the old man came by the night before last and cut off our power. So he asked us to leave. So we’re on the street, the fat guy with no food or anything and I don’t know what the fuck to do,” Fatima said. According to the young woman’s complaints, on 31 January Martinez tried to throw acid in her face and threatened her with a razor. It was there that the Justice decided to set a measure of restriction of rapprochement, which Martinez disensed. Fatima had gone to live in the Women’s House, a lodging that belongs to the Municipality of Paraná. On 11 February, Fátima reported to the Judiciary that her husband prowled this establishment. This Sunday, on International Women’s Day, her body was found inside a well. 

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