translated from Spanish: Director of The Americas division of Human Rights Watch: “Impossible for Carabineros to regain citizen legitimacy with repugnant behaviors like this”

Human Rights Watch’s director for the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, referred through his Twitter account to the beating Carabineros took on an older adult, after the man, according to a video released by police, assaulted a police officer.
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Vivanco called the event a “grotesque spectacle of police brutality” and raised that it will be “impossible for Carabineros to regain citizen legitimacy with repugnant behavior like this.”
“It is difficult for Carabineros to raise the morale of their officials if they continue to commit these abuses,” Vivanco said.
Last night, in a statement, Carabineros said that the man who was assaulted was arrested for “serious disorder” and that the policemen he attacked were at “clear numerical disadvantage.”
The older adult was left with the monthly signature precautionary and prohibition to approach the scene of the incidents within a radius of 500 meters. 

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