translated from Spanish: The global trend of happy hours and virtual tasting classes in the time of Coronavirus

Social media has been a great company in quarantine time – total or volunturia – in various countries around the world, including Chile. As well as the “virtual parties” where people connect to share drinks and learn about wines, cocktails, among other things.
The Portuguese agency Chefs Agency developed on its Instagram the project “Wine Hour At Home”, which invites you to share virtually with renowned sommeliers and wine experts such as Cláudio Martins.
“We were at the beginning of the coronavirus quarantine period and commented that it took a social moment, which could be around wine, that would unsequet people and focus on the more personal aspects of producers, wines and winemakers, and not so much on aspects technicians,” Martins told Efe.
During the sessions, which are held at 18:00 GMT (15:00 in Chile), a guest chooses a wine to try and comment on it for followers, with more technical and consumer information.
“An after work moment with wine made perfect sense. Even because shared wine bottles are the best, and because more than ever we need moments of relaxation to survive the social anxiety of the moment,” Chefs Agency’s event director Adriana Fournier told Efe.
In the United States, Jackie Summers and Daniella Veras invited a virtual cocktail. The 15 people on the first day became 100 the next and are still on the rise, with sessions scheduled for 19:00 Chilean hours.
The wines to be tasted are previously noticed, so that participants can buy and taste them together with the experts.

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