translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez: «Those who minimized the pandemic are suffering from it»

The president of the nation, Alberto Fernández, referred to the situation of the coronavirus after having participated in a teleconference with the leaders of the G20. In an interview with public TV, the representative said that the presidents who minivaned the pandemic «today realized» the seriousness of the situation. 
«The elements necessary to deal with the pandemic must be socialized in the world: respirators, clothing. That was my demand today on the G20.

At the same time, he was consulted by his request today at the meeting with presidents on the possibility of lifting blockades for humanitarian aid, mainly in reference to Cuba and Venezuela. 

He talks #AlbertoEnLaTvPublica about the #COVID19: «There are no rights for my friends and not for my enemies. The rights to live well and healthy are all».— (@filonewsOK)
March 26, 2020

«For me it’s a humanitarian issue, it’s not a political issue,» the Argentine president said. Interviewed by RTA President Rosario Lufrano, Fernández expressed himself about the possible teachings that may be overcome once the coronavirus crisis is overcome: «The cost of so many lives, some teaching has to give us. If we have died so many so that we learn nothing, speak very badly of us as humanity.»
«The world, from now on, is going to review the place of the state. A state that only gives guarantees to a few for a lot of people»

On the measures he took since the pandemic began and were praised by society, Fernandez said, «If any merit is I can have listened to those who know,» he said of the committee of experts he formed since the contagions began. 

He also confirmed that because of the complications of a session in Congress in quarantine times, between now and tomorrow a DNU will come out to freeze rents and mortgage loans: «We try to put pressure on people at a difficult time,» he said. 
Given Lufrano’s question, the president avoided giving a certainty about the extension of quarantine, which although not confirmed, is expected to extend to a minimum until 13 April. In that sense, he acknowledged that there is the possibility of it spreading but assured that it is «a problem because it cries the economy.» A definition is expected to be in the coming hours, as 31 March is the last day.

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