translated from Spanish: The second edition of GoldeMC, the Spanish freestyle awards ceremony, arrives

With the leadership of Juancín and the previous one of Queen Mary, this Sunday comes the second edition of the GoldeMC awards organized by the middle Of the FreeStyle. Aczino, Wos, Papo, Thunder, Chuty and Bnet are just some of the nominees. From 16 o’clock, Spain’s Queen Mary (host of the Red Bull Battle of Gallos) will handle the public with questions and answers through Instagram.La juancín, former jury of the Fifth Step and current FMS Argentina at 17 for the «virtual red carpet» in which she will have special guests.
At 18:15 the gala will finally begin through the FreeStyle YouTube channel where Juancín will take over and present the winners of the following categories: Best Rooster in Spain: Bnet, Chuty, Gazir, Zasko and Skone.
Best Rooster in Mexico: Aczino, Jony Beltran, RC, Estepario Wolf and Zticma.
Best Rooster in Argentina: Wos, Papo, Stuart, Thunder and Cacha.
Best Rooster in Chile: El Menor, Kaiser, Nitro, Riddler and Theorem.
Best Rooster of Peru: Stick, Nekroos, Choque, Jaze and Litzen.
Best Revelation Rooster: SNK (CR), Mecha (AR), El Menor (CH), Marithea (COL) and Gazir (ES)
Best Dupla/Team: Aczino + Chuty, Team Peru (Nekroos, Jaze and Choque), Jaze and Stuart, Team Argentina (Papo, Wos and Thunder) and Dominic + Cacha.
Best Underground Competition: Rapquicia (PE), King Size (ES), Rap Culture (AR), Shaolin Battles (MEX) and DEM Battles (CH).
Best National Competition: Legends of Freestyle (CH), FMS Argentina, FMS Spain, Red Bull Battle of the Roosters Argentina and Red Bull Battle of the Roosters Spain.
Best International Competition: Red Bull Battle of the Roosters, FMS International, Otumba, Ghetto Dreams League and God Level 3vs3.
Country Revelation: Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru.
Best Host: Bekaesh (ES), Cayu (CH), Missionary (AR), Serko Fu (MEX) and Mbaka (ES).
Best DJ: Athena (CH), Zone (AR), Soniko (MEX), Verse (ES), Jbeat (COL)
Best Jury: Kapo013 (ES), Dtoke (AR), Juan Ortelli (AR), Blazzt (CH) and Aczino.
GOLDEN GALLO: Bnet, Aczino, Chuty, Thunder and Valles-T (COL).
The winners were chosen by MCs (Skone, Letra, Gazir, Blon, Riddler, Mecha and RC); influencers from the world of battles (Jimmy, J Daniels, Aresh, Tess La) and the public, who had their chance to vote.

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