translated from Spanish: Video How did Bolsonaro turn Brazil into a time bomb?

On February 26th the first case of coronavirus was recorded in South America and entered the continent through Brazil, with a passenger who arrived in San Pablo from Italy and from that moment began a growing similar to that experienced in Europe , but knowing that the situation should not be minimized. However, Jair Bolsonaro was to deny the courrido and minimize the situation. That’s how at 10 days the country had 100 confirmed cases but for the priest it was still not enough. “The destructive power of the virus is exaggerated,” he said in his time before traveling to the United States.

In the midst of a quarantine from many countries around the world, the Brazilian entourage visited Donald Trump and after that trip, 11 people close to Bolsonario tested positive, unused hours of landing. When all the rumors suggested that the two residents had coronavirus, he claimed to test negative. On 17 March, meanwhile, the first dead arrived and the cases were progressing in a similar scenario to Iran and Spain, two of the most affected countries in the world, but the big difference is the 160 million Brazilians across the country , which have much greater potential for contagion.” The Brazilian has to be studied, he does not get infected”, was Bolsonaro’s response in the press, while in national chain confirmed that it was not necessary to close schools since the at-risk population was over 60. Today, Brazil has 7,900 cases, with growth of 1,000 per day and of those cases, 299 died. That’s why the country is a time bomb.

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