translated from Spanish: JUNAEB is officiated for food basket delivery problems

Deputy Cristina Girardi (PPD) officiated the National Director of the National School Aid and Scholarship Board (JUNAEB), Jaime Tohá, to deliver information regarding the contents of baskets, procedure, control and quality of food that children must receive. This is due to multiple complaints from parents and proxies, mostly from Cerro Navia and Pudahuel, who have shown that the products arrive in disrepair or simply do not receive them as informed.” There have been a number of conflicts in the delivery of food that has been seen on social networks and by information that parents have sent us, where the baskets are not coming complete,” said MeP Girardi.” There is a poverty in terms of the food that children are receiving, where JUNAEB has expressed that it will deliver healthy, fresh food, and that is precisely what we have not seen. JUNAEB is not acting with all the rigors regarding the delivery of food and is allowing companies to do whatever they want,” she added. In turn, Girardi urged the authorities to clarify the situation and, by the way, not to suppress food for the most vulnerable children, right in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis that is leaving thousands of parents in cessation.” It is precisely when we know that there is a significant increase in levels of cessation, that people’s economic situation is not the best, one hand must be given. Therefore, JUNAEB must be more present than ever. Today the food to the most vulnerable cannot be lacking,” he stressed. It should be remembered that the National Confederation of School Food Program (Confetrap) Workers warned that the delivery of the second food basket will not be delivered due to the start of the winter holidays that begin on Monday.

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