translated from Spanish: Guido Soller’s quarantine: isolated and locked in a campsite in Zárate without food

The quarantine caught Guido Soller at a campsite in Zárate. At first he enjoyed the place, but now he’s desperate to leave the place because he’s running out of food.
«A unique place, you can’t help but meet him,» he presented in a video on his Instagram account showing a campsite in the Zárate area over the river. A cottage, with gallery overlooking the river and in the middle of the forest. The publication is from a month ago and the artist is still there after the mandatory quarantine was issued.
«I’m not in my house, I’m stuck in a campsite that closed and I stayed inside, a month or a little longer I’ve been. When the president dictated the strictest quarantine, the owner here padlocked the entrance and I stayed inside,» he told Teleshow, about how the days go by, revealed, «I’m running out of food. This is facing the Paraná River next to the Zárate Brazo Largo bridge. A fisherman gave me a fish to eat, I don’t know how to get his guts out, I want to be able to come back!» He confessed that he is distressed at times and that his followers suggest that he leave: «But how do I do it? I don’t have the means.»
«I spoke to the owner of the campsite and he told me that if I go out I can’t go back in. I don’t have the transit permit and the police are going to tell me to go back to my quarantine site and it’s going to be closed,» he explained. «Quarantine grabbed me alone on an island, you see the bridge of Zárate Brazo Largo completely empty, the paraná river, there is no one I am alone completely,» he summed up.

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