translated from Spanish: Amnesty’s law does not give security to society

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- This law that was recently passed in the country has many people with the uncertainty of what will happen to the inmates who come out under this concept and what role they will have once integrated into society. Luis Roberto Sánchez Inzunza, a lawyer, stated that in his view this approval was too hasty and that it should have been expected a little longer. For the latest news on coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space

“I consider that this law was passed hastily on the grounds that the situation of the pandemic, and the idea is to depress the country’s prisons. About 100,000 inmates are supposed to be released,” he said. He assured that this is a law that extinguishes the penalty, contrary to pardon, that it is a faculty of the president, that he pardons the offender, but in this case it is as if the crime had not been committed.He reported that this law only applies to certain persons who have committed misdemeanors, and detailed that for the Amnesty Act to be applied, they must be a convict, meaning that he has committed only one crime. The lawyer emphasized the fact that this law will only apply to persons who have committed certain crimes, which must be those who have not attempted bodily, physical integrity, as well as kidnapping.” It only applies to indigenous people, women who have committed abortion, simple theft without violence, distributors of narcotics on a low scale, and also applies to people who because of their economic situation have not had a good defense,” he said. He reported that a commission might be formed, which was going to be responsible for determining which inmates were going to have that freedom. He added that it was assumed that the Ministry of the Interior was supposed to follow the reintegration of these people into society.” This is where the troubling is, because a lot of people are going to come out, who, while they hadn’t been arrested or punished, were engaged in committing crimes,” the lawyer said.

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