translated from Spanish: Tom Hanks’ gift sense to a child who is bullied by coronavirus

“Close your eyes and remember that, for I am your faithful friend. Yes, I’m your faithful friend,” sings the lyrics to the soundtrack to the Disney and Pixar film, “Toy Story,” one of the animated classics that has gone into posterity.
For the saga of flms – since it featured four installments – the actor who lent his voice to the main character was none other than Tom Hanks, one of the highest (and most beloved) Hollywood stars; who these days honored his character with a gesture of solidarity towards an Australian child who is bullied for being called “Corona”.
Through his social media, the actor told the story of the little boy who brought him concern after both he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19, although fortunately both were discharged. “I heard on the news that you and your wife had contracted the coronavirus. Are you all right?” the child asked in principle.

This is the typewriter that Tom Hanks gave the kid Photo: Instagram

As the story progressed, Corona expressed concern to the Oscar-winning actor (for “Forrest Gump” and “Philadelphia”) and staring at hundreds of films such as “Shipwreck,” “The Terminal,” “Looking for Private Ryan”: “I love my name, my parents put it on the outermost layer of the Sun but at school people call me ‘the coronavirus’. I get very sad and I feel angry when people name me that.” The letter moved Hanks who decided to give him his typewriter, which coincidentally has the same name as the boy. “This is my typewriter, from Corona Typewriters Inc, better known as ‘Corona’, and I think it will be perfect for you,” the actor replied.

Tom Hanks shared the story on his nets

In the post you can see the expression of emotion of Corona when he receives the gift. “Your letter made my wife and I feel great! Thank you for being such a good friend, friends make your friends feel good when they are depressed. Even though I’m not sick anymore, your words made me feel even better. You know, you’re the only person I met under the beautiful name of Corona, like the ring around the sun,” the actor told her.” I think this typewriter will do you good. I took her with me to the Gold Coast and now she’s back with you. Ask an adult how it works and take advantage of it to write me an answer. Remember, here’s a faithful friend!” he closed. It should be remembered that in the city of Australia, the Gold Coast, was where both he and his wife recovered from the coronavirus. Both had traveled there as the actor works on the biopic being performed on Elvis Presley. Once discharged, the couple donated their blood to contribute to research to create a vaccine capable of placating the pandemic. In this note:

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