translated from Spanish: Boris Johnson: Doctors prepared «the announcement of my death»

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered more details about his hospitalization by COVID-19, telling a newspaper he knew doctors were preparing for the worst. Johnson, who spent three nights in intensive care during his treatment week at a London hospital, told The Sun that he was aware that doctors were talking about his fate.» It was a very difficult time, I’m not going to deny it,» said the 55-year-old premier. «They had a strategy to deal with a scenario like ‘Stalin’s death’. Johnson couldn’t believe how quickly his health had deteriorated, and he had trouble understanding why he wasn’t improving. The medical staff provided him with «liters and liters of oxygen,» but «the indicators kept going in the wrong direction.» But the worst time was when there was a 50% chance I’d be in the trachea,» he told the paper. «It was then that he got a little… they started thinking about how to handle the ad.» These are the most detailed statements to Johnson’s date about his illness, although upon leaving the hospital he had already acknowledged that his struggle to survive «may have had any outcome» while paying tribute to the two nurses who stood by him for 48 hours. New Zealander Jenny McGee and Portuguese Luis Pitarma, she said, personify the attention and sacrifice of National Health System (NHS) staff on the front line to the pandemic, which has already claimed 28,131 lives in Britain.The scare Johnson took is reflected in the name he and his fiancée Carrie Symonds gave to his newborn son. Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson bears the names of Johnson and Symonds’ grandparents, as well as that of Doctors Nick Price and Nick Hart, who saved the prime minister’s life. Johnson’s actions since he left the hospital reveal that the National Health System has a powerful new advocate as he tries to reverse a decade of austerity that has left British doctors and nurses in trouble to deal with the huge number of coronavirus patients as they have inadequate amounts of protective equipment. Dozens of health workers have died as a result of the outbreak. The interview was released after an emotional video recorded by Johnson after being discharged on April 12. The prime minister said the NHS was «unconquerable» and «the heart of this country» after seeing first-hand the response to the pandemic. He also praised the bravery of everyone from doctors to cooks. Johnson resumed his duties on April 27.

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