translated from Spanish: Government publishes instructions on permits that can be applied for in quarantine

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, 38 communes were quarantined on Friday in the Metropolita Region. And amid the increase in cases of Covid-19 coronavirus, the Government announced a greater restriction of permits that may be requested during confinement.
Undersecretary for Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell reported that, as of next Monday, the number of weekly permits to be quarantined is down from 7 to 5 and that, from 22:00 on Friday, four permits are abolished.
Other permit limitations include that only 5 per week can now be requested, and only 2 may be requested for purchase of basic services.
Deleted permits are also included and now permits cannot be requested for return to habitual residence, for change of address or for the transfer of children and adolescents between their parents’ homes.
On the other hand, the following permits are incorporated: special permission for children of health workers so that they can have caregivers (prior to a certificate). And face-to-face and extreme need for care for unhealthy older adults.
See the full instructions: 
Instructive Quarantine by The Counter on Scribd

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