translated from Spanish: Teacher’s Survey reveals that 50% believe that “there are no conditions to resume face-to-face classes throughout 2020”

When will face-to-face classes come back? That’s one of the questions That Chileans ask thee in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no clear date, even though the Ministry of Education has mentioned some measures that should be taken in schools for this to take place.
In this sense, the College of Teachers delivered the results of a survey answered by more than 37,000 people – empowered, teachers, students, education assistants and kindergarten educators – where they were consulted on this subject.
According to the survey, when the face-to-face classes should be resumed in the country, 50.2% consider that “there are no conditions for returning to face-to-face classes throughout 2020”.
A 39.9% estimate that this should occur “when the Covid-19 contagion curve drops considerably, ensuring that the pandemic is controlled,” and 36.2% “when all safeguard measures for students and education workers, proposed by the Covid-19 Advisory Council, are guaranteed.”
9.8% of respondents think, meanwhile, that classes should be resumed “when winter ends, (since) this decreases the chances of infection of respiratory diseases”. While only 3.4% believe this should be “on the date the second semester (August) normally began”; and 0.4% “as soon as possible, (since) the country needs to be reactivated.”
Mario Aguilar, president of the agency, analyzed the results, noting that “only 28 people out of the 37 thousand who responded agree with what (president) Piñera pointed out” on April 19, when he indicated that a Back-to-School Plan would soon be unveiled, which “will begin to be implemented, gradually, from May May”.

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