translated from Spanish: The CDMX Metro will dose the entry of users into its facilities

The capital’s Metro will dose and channel users at its stations to avoid crowds at its facilities.
The Collective Transport System (STC) reported that there will be unifiels from the locker and tourniquet areas to maintain a healthy distance. 

To dose the users will be placed paths with the unifilas so that the users do not walk together and delay the arrival of users to the platform area.
Added to this is “a higher frequency of the passage of trains, thus avoiding concentrations on the arrivals,” the STC Metro explained in a statement. 
The dosing and routing measures are performed at the Cuatro Caminos station (L2); Zaragoza (L1); Hidalgo (L2); Medical Center (L3) and Pantitlán (L9 and LA) and it is contemplated that it gradually spreads to others where required.

The Metro reported that there is signage for users to keep the healthy distance from their entry by the turnstiles.
Thermal imaging cameras are also available in the entrance area, which can detect people with temperatures greater than 37.5oC. These are operated by Industrial Safety and Hygiene personnel so that the indicated protocol is performed.

If a person with high temperature is detected, a second direct shot will be made with a laser thermometer, and a general assessment “according to another referenced symptomatology is determined to channel it to your home, medical service or request a unit”. 
The STC asked users to use the head cover throughout their trip to the inside of the network “and refrain from speaking, as remaining silent greatly reduces the risk of transmission”.
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Original source in Spanish

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